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How to export iMovie’11 video and convert iMovie’11 video to SWF on mac?

I have created a short introductory video for a Web site home page. What is currently the best format into which to export this video, i.e. which format will guarantee that virtually all visitors will be able to see it? Since most of the world does not consist of Mac users, QuickTime is of course out of the question. I keep reading that the best would be a Flash SWF movie. However, iMovie’11 annoyingly does not allow one to export a Flash SWF movie (except by way of YouTube).

Part1: Export video from iMovie’11

You’ve spent hours perfecting your video project in iMovie11. Your work is finally ready for its premier! How will you share it with your audience? iMovie’11 gives you several options for exporting your project into formats that can be easily shared and viewed. Follow these steps to find the best way to get your video project in front of your fans.

1.With your finished project open in iMovie, open the export menu 

2. Choosing Share > Export Movie from the iMovie menu.

Export video from iMovie'11

3. Now you’ll tell iMovie where you’d like to save the file. Use the pull-down menu to choose a location. You can expand your location choices by clicking on the arrow button to the right of the Export As field.

Part2: Convert iMovie video to flash SWF on mac

If you want to upload iMovie’11 video to website home page, which currently supports flash SWF video format,  firstly, you need to know to convert iMovie 11 to SWF on mac which could help you to upload iMovie 11 video to website on mac for sharing, Doremisoft iMovie’11 to flash SWF converter for mac can be the first choice for you.

The first thing you have to do is to download the iMovie’11 to flash SWF converter for mac  software on mac(Mac OS X Lion, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac 10.5). iMovie 11 to SWF converter mac, benefiting from the most advanced conversion and efficient performance technology, is probably the right program for you to rely on that can fast convert iMovie 11 to SWF on mac for sharing on Web.


Step by step to guide you convert iMovie’11 to flash SWF on mac

Step1: Add iMovie’11 video 

First, please download Doremisoft iMovie’11 to flash SWF converter for mac, Click the "Add Video" button in the top left corner of the screen to import iMove’11 video.

add iMovie'11 video

Step 2. Click Customer to enter the customer window and then follow the program navigate step 1- step 2- step 3 to get SWF files and select your preference player and preloader for the flash video

Customize iMovie'11 video

Step3: Convert iMovie 11 to SWF on mac

At last, click "Start" button to batch convert iMovie 11 to SWF on mac, then you can upload the generate flash SWF for web.


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