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How to convert PowerPoint presentation file to flash mac for website?

Is it possible to convert a small PowerPoint file into flash for a website? How do you convert a PowerPoint program to flash? Can I convert a PowerPoint to a flash File? Anyone can share a tool to convert PowerPoint to flash? You may have found these similar topics on Answers and Forum, but do you know to upload PowerPoint video to website or personal Blog? 

PowerPoint presentation file to flash for website and Blog

Q1: I want to convert a 16 minute PowerPoint program to flash to be uploaded to a website that can then be viewed by visitors on the website. Is there a free way to do this?

Q2: I want to convert my PowerPoint Presentation to a flash file. Is there a link I can follow? Can anyone help me on how to embed the PowerPoint presentation file to my Blog? 

PowerPoint to flash on mac with PowerPoint to flash converter mac

If you still have difficulty in finding PowerPoint presentation to flash program after simplifying your search terms , here, we highly recommend using the alternative Doremisoft PowerPoint to flash converter mac.

PowerPoint to flash converter mac is an initiative program that converts PowerPoint file to flash SWF of full performance, binging easy access of PowerPoint presentation on websites and even personal Blogs.

The PowerPoint to flash SWF converter delivers a host of custom functions to personalize PowerPoint conversion, including select the player skin, apply special effect, preload templates, embed URL in video, clip, crop, merge, apply effect, slide, taking audio & video settings etc on Mac.

Step by step convert PowerPoint presentation file to flash SWF on mac

Step1. Download and install PowerPoint to flash converter mac and run it.

Step 2: Add ppt/pptx/pptm to PPT to SWF Converter.

Batch-adding and batch-converting are supported.

Step 3: Customize parameters.

You can customize output SWF speed, image size, SWF width and height and so on.

Step 4: Set save path.

Step 5: Convert PPT to SWF.

Batch convert ppt/pptx/pptm to flash videos.