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What a shame that Apple removed Flash export on Keynote '09, which leaves many people unable to make keynote presentation for website. Today I am going to talk about how to export keynote 09 to flash (flv, swf) for website.

What is Keynote?

Keynote is the most elegance, well-built application suitable for transforming ordinary slides into extraordinary presentation - maybe sounds unfamiliar to Windows users' ears. In most case, it's due to the fact that Keynote has its own extension; The slides and effects created in Keynote can be opened only with Keynote. However, Keynote is quite popular among Mac users; Perhaps, Steve Jobs also used Keynote for his presentations.

Attach Soundtrack

Movie without background sound will be a bit dull. Knowing that, should we attach a soundtrack to the movie. It's quite easy to attach soundtrack into your Keynote presentation.
1. Go to Menubar View - Show Inspector (keystrokes: Command-Option-I)
2. Select Document icon, the one on the left most
3. Choose Audio section
4. Browse through your iTunes Library to select the most appropriate soundtrack, there is a button to help you do that
5. Drag the file onto the place provided
6. Select the soundtrack loop using the option pane provided: Play Once, Loop or Off

attach sound

Export to QuickTime Movie

Summarize: until this point, you've got your soundtrack attached to your Keynote presentation and you've set good timing for your presentation slides.
Now the final step you need to perform is exporting your Keynote presentation to QuickTime Movie.
1. Go to menubar File - Export…
2. Select QuickTime
3. Set Playback to use Recorded Timing
4. Choose appropriate settings
5. Confirm by clicking Next… button
6. Fill in suitable name for the movie and wait patiently for the exporting process to take place

keynote to quicktime mov

Note that the size of QuickTime Movie is far bigger than the Keynote file itself.

How to export Keynote presentation for Website with web player?

You will use video to flash converter to convert the Quicktime movie to flv or swf with web player, only a few mouse clicks will be done. Video to flash converter will help you convert almost any types of video files to flash format, and at the same generate a web player for you.

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Step 1. Free download and install video to flash converter

keynote to flv

Step 2. Customize
You can tweak various values here to get the best output effect.


Step 3. Choose Web player
There are some default web players here for you to choose from.

web player

Step 4. Start conversion
Please hit Start button to carry out the conversion process. After that you will get the flash video as well as the web player. you can then embed/upload them for your website, or blog.

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