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Embed/Put/Insert/Add flash video in website

Putting video to your website can attract more visitors, because Video can offer a lot of fun and interesting. However post video to website is a challenging job for every web developers, especially those without any programming or actioncript knowledge.

Flash video formats(FLV/SWF) is the best choice to add video to a website, which lies in the following reasons:
1.Flash video is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet. Its best quality and smallest file size make it easily be uploaded to website. The good examples are YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo video, Hulu, Myspace, Facebook, etc.

2. Flash Player can work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS (including Tiger, Snow leaplord) and is supported by more browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc)than any other player. And you can customize your flash player with video to flash converter for mac. Your visitors don't need to download any player before watching your embedded videos.

3. Flash can automatically stream video. It takes up less spaces and bandwidth.

4. There are many wonderful flash creators to help you to make a amazing flash with customize flash player. One of them is Doremisoft video to flash converter for mac which can convert your any video format (mp4, 3gp, wmv, avi, mov, qt, mpg, mpeg, etc) to Flash FLV/SWF format and automatically embed them in an HTML web page, no need for any flash programming knowledge.

After create a Flash video in FLV/SWF format with video to flash converter for mac (See details: Convert Video to SWF/FLV/Animation on Mac OSX), how do you put it on your website correctly?

The remaining work is as easy as a piece of cake. When you finished the conversion, you will find four files(.flv, .swf, .html, .jpg) in your output folder. Upload FLV and SWF files to your server host. Open .html file with Dashcode and copy codes(from "<object classid>" to "</object>") to your website.

For example:
Embed/Put/Insert/Add flash video in website



Please mind: The .swf file name must be the same as its that was uploaded to your server host.

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