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How to download SWF movies from Web Pages on OS X

Unlike saving an image, downloading .swf flash video is not an easy job for it has no option like "Save... as". But how to capture .swf on the web or grab the flash animation SWF movies as quickly as possible. Anyway, both Safari and Firefox have the function for downloading online .swf files.

Download .swf files by Safari:
1. Open a certain web page with flash .swf files embedded.
2. Select "Activity" under the menu of "Windows"

download swf by safari

3. Choose the file with the extension of .swf, hold down the "Option" button on the keyboard and double-click the selected .swf files. Then the downloaded .swf file will appear in the download folder by default.

Plus, it is also very effortless to capture swf video with Firefox.

In fact, there is another program-SWF downloader for Mac, which enables you to download flash .swf movies much easier. What you need is to input the URL link, then it will automatically detect all the .swf files on the web page.


Compare with Safari as a free SWF downloader, it has three outstanding features:

1. Only .swf files list does display
It saves your time to manually pick out .swf files.

2. It supports to preview .swf movies before downloading it
It enables you to confirm whether the .swf clips is what you want.

3. User-friendly interface
Both swf file list and preview Window are designed in the same interface.

free swf downloader mac

After getting the downloaded .swf flash file, you may need to play it offline on Mac or other portable devices. In this situation, another function of the Mac SWF downloader should benefit you a lot for it allows you to convert SWF video to Mac-friendly video formats like MOV, MPEG4, H.264 and more. Plus, it has specific settings for portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, Zune, Creative ZEN, etc, which guarantee the output video can be optimally watched on these handy players.

How to realize it? It's very easy. Choose your favourite .swf files in the left list, double click it for preview to confirm it. Then hit "Convert SWF", which takes you to another interface for doing the conversion. Supposed you would like to watch the movie on iPad, just select "iPad"->"iPad Video H.264", "iPad Video MPEG-4" or "iPad HD video". Finally click "next" to start the conversion from SWF video to iPad. In this way, it makes you watch movie from SWF files on iPad.

convert swf to ipad