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In modern society, there are many excellent camcorders released with the rapid development of technology. AVCHD camcorders are the most popular camcorders among so many camcorders for their high-definition video. Nevertheless when people upload their great AVCHD videos to their own websites and blogs, for the size of AVCHD is a little big which is not suitable for uploading, thus people always choose to convert AVCHD to SWF on Mac.

Doremisoft Mac Video to Flash Converter is one of the best software for converting AVCHD to SWF Mac very easily and quickly. It can preserve the original quality of AVCHD videos and keep the image synch with audio. You are able to upload AVCHD videos to your own websites or blogs with the help of this software. It just costs a few seconds. Click the below download button for free trial.


3 Steps to Convert AVCHD to SWF on Mac

Step 1: Add AVCHD video to flash converter Mac

Download video to flash converter Mac, install and launch it. Import AVCHD video to flash converter by clicking "Add Video" button.
Add AVCHD Video

Step 2: Customize AVCHD video

Go to "Customize" panel, there are three steps for you to set audio & video parameters, select output files, choose compelling flash player, special flash effect, preloader template, add image, text, URL to SWF files, etc.

Note: Press "Generate FLV" or "Generate SWF" or "Generate HTML" to set FLV or SWF or html page embedded with flash video as output format.

output format

Step 3: Convert AVCHD to SWF

Click "Start" to begin converting AVCHD to SWF. It is quite fast, just needs to wait for a few seconds. During the conversion, you are able to preview the output video.

PS: After the video conversion is finished, open the target file folder, you will find four different files such as FLV, SWF, HTML, JPG files. Open the HTML file with Dash code and copy codes to your website. And then upload all converted files to your website.

Reason why converting AVCHD to SWF Mac
When you want to add AVCHD video to website, you have to take a consideration on whether the AVCHD format is the best video format for your website. Commonly, Flash video is the best video format to embed video in website for its maximum compatibility, smallest file size and highest quality.